Tips To Better Achieving Your Goals

Mind over matter has been a mantra uttered by many in all walks of life. This of course is in reference to defeating the pain or adversity felt within, by using the strength of the mind to over come it. The mind is indeed the biggest muscle we possess in our bodies, and we often times forget that in order for a muscle to properly function we must exercise it regularly.


Physical feats cannot be attained without a strong head on our shoulders. In order to push past pain, in order to achieve goals, and in order to be better than we were yesterday, we first must will ourselves to do so from the head all the way down. Tuning out distractions, reducing stress, limiting anxiety, focusing in and building mental stamina as well as physical stamina is how we accomplish anything in life, let alone anything in the physical fitness arena. Achieving optimal performance is everyone’s goal in all that they do, especially when setting foot into a gym, if this were not the case then going to the gym would just be a large waste of time. Great athletes do not succeed on ability alone, they succeed because they know how to stay on top of their game mentally as well as physically. So just how is this done by the best of the best?

Visualize & Attack

Using mental imagery is effective in achieving goals because it’s essentially a dry run for your brain. Focusing in on what it is you want to accomplish, and having your brain be accustomed to that will help you focus on when the time comes for you to actually go out and get it. Mental imagery impacts many areas of the brain, all needed in properly honing in on a goal. Motor control, attention, perception, planning and memory are all highly involved.

It’s been said that sports are 90 percent mental and only 10 percent physical. This certainly seems to hold true, as those who are seen as the greatest in their respective fields seem to have great mental focus. When you visualize, truly feeling what it’s like to obtain your goal is what helps the brain to perceive it in the correct way.

Clear The Mind

Staying calm, being relaxed and being able to avoid all outside distractions is one of the greatest ways to train the brain in order for it to help you along the way to greatness. Meditation and yoga help those who are feeling jittery or nervous. Calming the body from the mind all the way through, can help give clarity and focus to even the most rattled competitor.

Clearing the mind also means ridding yourself of self doubt, of any negativity or feelings of unworthiness. Those who are great, first believe that they are so, and then the easy part is proving it.

Regular chiropractic care is a great way to clear the mind too. Properly aligning the central nervous system allows the body to function at a better quality, and in turn, performance is enhanced. When you’re in pain, it’s hard for the mind to focus, if the mind isn’t focused then the rest of the body will follow suit. Keeping the back, spine, neck and other limbs pain free, properly aligned and adjusted, the sky is the limit in terms of reaching your goals.


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