Vending Machine Mistakes You’re Making Too Often


Vending machines are seemingly everywhere today, and used for a variety of different things. What was once created and used in 1888 to sell gum at train stations in New York City, has become a global norm everywhere from airports to street corners. From electronics to cupcakes, the vending machine now sells anything and everything, all with the height of convenience and ease.

However, for the most part, in today’s day and age, the vending machine is usually filled with snacks, drinks, candy and foods that tend not to be recommended by any nutritionists. The health initiative is taking off in its own right in the United States, and vending machines are popping up more and more with fresh fruit, vegetables and nothing but healthy choices.

So, if you’re forced to choose your mid-morning snack from a giant machine, you may want to know what to choose and what not to choose to keep you on the healthy eating path.

Do Not Eat


One can is filled with more than the daily allowance for sugar in a day. The high from the sugar in the soda will eventually subside, and the crash to come leaves you feeling more tired and less productive than before you drank it.

Diet Soda

You’re not safe going the diet route either, as new research shows that diet soda has a negative impact on the natural “good” bacteria in the gut and may actually cause weight gain.

Fruit Snacks

Even though they claim to have real fruit in them, do not be fooled; the majority of the ingredients in fruit snacks are processed and filled with sugar. Not only does your oral health become affected, but so too does your mental and physical health, particularly if these are your go-to snacks every single day.

Potato Chips

Chips are high in fat, salt, sugar, highly processed and high in calories and artificial flavorings: need I say any more?

Cheese & Crackers

Often thought of as the safe bet when it comes to the vending machine, these little delights are loaded with sodium, and the cheese is usually processed and filled with chemicals.

Candy/Candy Bars

Hopefully you shouldn’t need a rundown of why these are bad for you, because you already know about the high sugar content, manufactured ingredients and effect it has on the metabolism.

Healthy Choices  

The best thing to do when it comes to looting the vending machine, is to think of it as a place that you can buy fully-prepared, portion-controlled meals or snacks. Pick items that you know you enjoy, but also ones that you know are healthy for you. It’s often difficult with the slim pickings at the vending machine, but it can usually be done when you know what to choose.


You can’t go to any vending machine without finding water. So instead of a sugary drink, try this natural and healthy way to replenish your body.

Beef Jerky

High in protein, a variety of flavors and choices, as well as an all-around healthy snack, beef jerky might be a surprising selection to be on the healthy side of things. Obviously, some brands are going to be better than others, but beef jerky is a great option for fulfilling your cravings, and filling your belly at the same time. 

Baked Chips

Far lower in fat, calories and salt than the typical fried chips, baked chips offer you some crunch without all of the calories.

Granola Bars

Filled with heart healthy nuts, get your good fats and whole grains for long-lasting energy and health. Avoid bars that are filled with sugars, and opt for the most natural ingredients.


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