Venus Williams and Global Wellness Day


Venus Williams

The leadership exhibited by a celebrity or a professional athlete can often be instrumental in promoting the health and wellness of the community. In many cases, we can organize events where professional athletes can interact with the community on a personal level, and communicate what they have done to bring about the best outcomes in their own lives and in their career. This is a wonderful way to promote health and wellness to all people.

At the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, Florida, tennis star and community wellness advocate Venus Williams was a part of a massive movement called Global Wellness Day. In the proceedings of Global Wellness Day, there is a worldwide effort to promote health behaviors, increased awareness, and a heightened consciousness regarding health and wellness. With global obesity rates out of control and disease running rampant, we must educate ourselves as much as possible to stay healthy.

Venus Williams led a 50-minute workout class for 40 people. Attendees of the workout class paid $100 for this 50 minutes. The price tag may seem quit hefty, but the opportunity to participate in a workout class with one of the most successful professional athletes in any sport. Fans of all ages completed the high-octane class, learning different moves that they could do at home.

Before the class, attendees had the opportunity to fuel up, with the provision of fruit, smoothies, nutritious granola, and tons of other nutritional components that would give the class a great start with the right energy. This was not just a free meal – it was another opportunity to educate participants on healthy foods that will keep you energized all day long. 

People heard about the class all around Florida, and drove from miles away to participate in this class. Some came from Delray Beach, others came from Miami. An opportunity to work out with Venus Williams does not come about very often, and the people behind organizing the event. This was not the only event in Florida, as there were other Global Wellness Day events in places like The Breakers and other spas.

In many cases, enlisting the help of a celebrity or a professional athlete to promote wellness throughout the community can be an extremely positive force. More and more athletes, from pro golfers to basketball players, are promoting health and wellness in the community. Big companies and even the federal government are also on board, initiating programs throughout different communities across the globe.

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