What a Dry Heat Means For Colorado Springs

The weather is unpredictable, this is the only thing about the weather that is predictable. Colorado Springs is perpetually low in the humidity range for most of the year, especially during the hotter summer months. Because the air is dry it can typically make being in the heat tolerable, and can even be good for health in the way of respiratory ailments like asthma. On the flip side, the weather conditions in Colorado Springs are not so great for those who suffer from dry skin or chapped lips easily. 

Colorado Springs was most recently included in the list of driest cities in the nation, this list was comprised by Vicks, the medicine company. Other nearby areas such as Denver were on the list too.

Dry Heat

Now, of course states like Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico made up the list, as they are the driest in the nation, as to be expected, as they are deemed the desert states. The dryness in the air has been linked to skin ailments, dry noses and even the flu. Those with existing conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can expect flare ups in dry humid weather as well.


Staying hydrated when that dry heat really kicks in is something to remember too. The dryness in the air will cause dehydration to set in faster than with climates that are not as dry. Adequate intake of water and fluids reduces the risk of any complications such as fainting.


A humidifier can be a great helping hand in treating dry skin, lips and noses. Also, anyone who suffers from sleep issues due to the weather should seriously look into the benefits of a humidifier in the bedroom.

Knowing just what Colorado Springs and its weather can do to your skin and health should better prepare you for what is to come throughout the year. Be mindful and protect yourself. Chapstick, sunscreen, lotion and the all important flu shot will better protect you from the onset of sickness that the weather brings with it.


Make sure to consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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