What Exactly are Shin Splints?


shinsWhen considering just how intricate the musculoskeletal system actually is, we often overlook some potential causes of a given injury or condition. In the process of self-diagnosing injuries and/or musculoskeletal conditions, it is relatively easy to pay attention to one specific aspect of the musculoskeletal system and ignore others that may be potentially impacting our quality of life.

Sometimes, it takes the help of a medical professional or a chiropractor to help us determine exactly what is occurring in our body but until we have that confirmation, we are often left to wonder why we are experiencing pain and discomfort.

A common musculoskeletal condition that can be quite confusing and that can make us wonder why we are experiencing pain and discomfort, is shin splints. This painful condition occurs when we feel sharp, shooting pain in the middle of our shin where the bones feel just below our skin. The pain comes about when we are walking, running, playing sports, or sometimes, even just sitting at home. If the pain from shin splints worsens to a point where the legs ache even when physical activity is not being performed, then the condition has become quite grave.

Many people believe that when they have shin splints, they are dealing with an actually dysfunction of the shin and that the problem is rooted in the shin itself. However, shin splints are actually linked to a dysfunction of other musculoskeletal components, mainly the calf muscle. When the calf muscle is extremely tight, it is not able to provide the support of the bones in the leg where the shin splint pain occurs. This results in a sort of pulling of the muscle and compression of the nerves in the leg. When there is any sort of force applied to the leg, it is condensed in the middle of the shin because the tight calf muscle is unable to absorb any shock and cannot flex properly.

If you are experiencing any sort of pain in the shins, it is important to take care of the problem early. Chiropractors can help determine where in the leg the problem is rooted and how certain adjustments can be applied to restore functioning of the calf and the leg without pain medication or surgery. Shin splints do not have to be as detrimental as they sometimes are made out to be. All it takers is the right treatment interventions.

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