Why Arivale’s Approach to Wellness May Change the Game


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In the health and wellness space, there are numerous opportunities to develop innovative products and transform the space as we know it. In recent years, many companies have been taking advantage of these opportunities in the form of technological innovation. Numerous different types of software, smart device application, coaching programs, and so much more have been developed as a way to improve health outcomes locally and globally.

A company called Arivale is changing the landscape of health and wellness altogether. With its unique “scientific wellness” approach to the health of the United States population, Arivale is transforming traditional applications of health and wellness with the use of genetic testing, clinical data, and other information to get an idea of where individuals stand in terms of their health status. Arivale then takes all of this data into consideration and forms a personalized wellness coaching plan for anyone who will be using their products.

Arivale links individuals with wellness coaches, dietitians, and many other professionals within the health and wellness space. With the use of diverse data portfolios to understand an individual’s tendencies combined with an all-encompassing approach guidance platform and a personal understanding of healthy behaviors, Arivale is helping millions of people truly change their lives for the better.

Before scaling up their efforts, Arivale was able to use the pilot study called the Hundred Person Wellness Project. This pilot study validated scientific wellness as a key way to improve health outcomes and overall quality of life. The results of this study were incorporate heavily into all of Arivale’s strategic moves since 2014.

Arivale has recently announced a Series B funding amount of $36 million, with investments coming from venture capitalists Polaris Partners and ARCH Venture Capital. Early performance bodes well for the future outlook of Arivale, and other investors are surely catching on. With the power of scientific wellness, Arivale has the capabilities to really make a positive difference in health outcomes across the country.

Many may remember Arivale’s annoucement of advanced genetic testing in development, which in and of itself was impressive. As the start-up continues to succeed in their discoveries, the health care system as we know it could easily change in many ways. This is welcome news for the millions of sick and injured across the country and the planet.

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