Why Fitness Wearables Are More Popular Than Ever



The growing trend of wearable devices in health monitoring and wellness promotion, is taking the nation by storm. So many people are looking to wearables as ways to ensure that they are exercising effectively, monitoring their main health indicators, and understanding of what is actually occurring in their efforts towards health and wellness.

These devices are crucial in providing us with a network of information involving our health status. Injury prevention, dietary adjustments, and exercise pattern modification are just some areas of improvement that can be aided by a wearable device. Let’s take a look at some of the current options for wearable devices:


The FitBit is one of the simpler options available. It is a quaint black watch that is worn on your non-dominant hand. It comes with a dongle that plugs into your computer via USB port, and allows for interfacing between the wearable and the computer for seamless information transferring. Users can keep track of anything from their caloric intake to the number of stair flights climbed and everything in between.


Athos wearables are some of the most innovative products in existence let alone in the realm of health and wellness. Athos products come in the form of shirts, capris, and shorts that use electromyography and biosignal monitoring to track an individuals muscle stress, heart rate, breathing patterns, and much more. Athos wearables are also able to acknowledge parts of the body that are most frequently stressed and can track habitual characteristics of the body by monitoring electric signals sent throughout the nervous system. Many who use Athos forget that they are even using a wearable as the technology is woven into clothing.


Released by the company called Gesturelogic, the LEO leg band is extremely useful for runners and cyclists who want to monitor their heart rate, muscle activity, hydration, and other health indicators. LEO uses Cloud technology to store data in various accessible locations so users can view their health indicators from multiple devices. It will not be available until 2016 as it id still in development but the health and wellness community and the tech community are greatly anticipating its release.

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