You Won’t Believe The Source of These Natural Healing Remedies

It really is amazing to discover all of the wonderful things that the earth has to offer in the ways of natural medicine. It often poses the question of who was the first to discover that this plant or that plant healed this ailment or that ailment. Trial and error was probably a large part in discovering these things, but now non invasive medicine is much better off for it. One plant in particular is making waves in the way of its healing abilities. Valerian root, almost sounds like something from a fairytale, but it’s very real and has very real healing capabilities. And who would have ever thought that eating clay, that originates from the minerals in the very ground we walk on would have such great benefits to overall health? Read below for more information on these two very natural, but very healing and repairing entities, all found naturally in the ground

Say Goodbye To Anxiety Thanks To Valerian Root

Although it sounds like something mythical, straight from Game of Thrones, I assure you that Valerian Root is very real, and has very real health benefits. An herb that is a perennial flowering plant, it has heads of sweetly scented pink or white flowers that usually only bloom during the summer months. Crude extract is becoming more and more prevalent in the form of capsules for its proven benefits in the areas of anxiety and insomnia. Because it has a small amount of sedative and anxiolytic effects it is often used to great effectiveness for these illnesses.

valerian rootUsed primarily to calm nerves and to manage cardiovascular problems, the relaxing agent helps in a number of ways when dealing with the inability to focus. In fact, in Latin, Valerian literally translates to “be healthy.”

This plant is truly unlike any other of its kind. The roots contain about a hundred individual substances including essential oils, acids, alkaloids and vitamins A, B and C. This plant has the ability to suppress the Central Nervous System and reduce muscle spasms. The essential oil of Valerian Root reduces anxiety and increases the functional mobility processes in the brain cortex. The healing properties of Valerian Root regulate the cardiovascular system so that breathing is even and the effected person can steadily become calmer, it improves the circulatory processes, reinforces the processes of bile secretion and increases the secretion of the gastrointestinal tract too.

Valerian has also been used for headaches, since the sedative relaxes the system, the essence of pain typically fades away when Valerian is taken. Regulating the heart rhythm allows those with insomnia or anxiety to properly relax and sleep well. This is often used in place of many over the counter medications as the drowsiness factor is non existent when the effects wear off, and contains much less chemicals.

Valerian Root has been shown to get rid of pain and discomfort caused by diarrhea and gas also, as it relaxes the lining of the stomach which is the root cause of many digestion issues.

Do You Pica?

As a child, we often play with many different things to enhance our fine motor skills. Building blocks, play-dough and the like. One of the fun playtime activities typically includes molding and shaping with any number of forms of clay. Often associated with creating great pieces of art, this element from the ground is now being heavily spoken of in the conversation regarding health. Now you may have even had or heard of clay facials, or taking a mud bath to help exfoliate the skin, but the newest health kick is to ingest the clay for its health benefits.

clayThe practice of clay eating is known as geophagy or geophagia. There has even been a term coined for the “condition” here in Western medicine; Pica is defined as the abnormal ingestion of non food substances. But what was once seen as a strange practice, and almost taboo, is now becoming quite the opposite.

Clay contains an abundance of minerals and energy that the body uses in order to properly defend itself against illness. Eating clay has been noted as improving bowel function and detoxifying the body of pollutants. The most common ailments that clay consumption heals are things like diarrhea, eczema, arthritis and even stress. The clay heals due to the particles that carry negative electrical charges; because impurities and toxins carry positive electrical charges, the clay diffuses them and cancels them out of the system. The toxins are eliminated through regular bowel movements, and so they are not held in the system to make us sick.

Now, everyone’s definition of clay, what it looks like and how it’s consumed is probably different. The most common practice of clay eating is to dissolve the hard form of the clay substance in warm water and then drink it. Having the consistency of a smoothie or a thick milkshake. The two most common types of clay are Bentonite or Montmorillonite. They absorb toxins much better than any of the other types of clay, and so they help the body sufficiently more.

This practice is evolving and doing so at a very quick rate. No longer seen as something odd or strange, if done for detoxification purposes eating clay can be extremely beneficial to the body. There are a number of unsafe and unhealthy ways to rid the body of toxins, and eating a substance that is from the earth is not among them.


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