5 Fitness Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

There are lots of words of wisdom floating around when it comes to fitness and exercise habits. While some pieces of advice should definitely be followed, there are some myths out there that are just spreading misinformation and need to be corrected. For a safer workout that produces much greater results, here are five common misconceptions about working out that you shouldn’t find yourself buying into. 

You Should Eat Before You Work Out

You might have been told at some point or another that you should never work out on an empty stomach. The truth is that the best and most effective workout sessions tend to occur before breakfast, so make your fitness routine the very first thing you do when you wake up, and be sure to eat a protein-heavy breakfast after. Besides, doing a heavy work out after eating can lead to cramps and uncomfortable stomach pains, as your body’s digestive process will be interfered with.

Your Workout Should Be Painful

Have you ever heard the phrase “no pain, no gain?” Maybe in some places it’s true, but it’s not the best motto to live by when you’re at the gym. A little soreness after a workout usually means that your muscles are repairing themselves to be stronger, which is good. However, any sort of sudden sharp pain should immediately be a sign to stop what you’re doing and see a doctor.  

Lift Heavy Weights To Bulk Up

If you lift heavy weights, you’re actually more likely to slim down as opposed to bulking up. Lifting heavy weights burns twice as many calories as using lighter dumbbells to lift. Slowly work your way up to strength training in order to build lean muscle mass and lose fat.

Running On A Treadmill Is The Same As Running Outside

When you go for a job outside, you are dealing with wind resistance, rough terrain, and other obstacles that may get in your way and push you to run harder, faster, or longer. Running on a treadmill in a gym is generally a much smoother process. If you want to emulate some of the same results you get from running outside, raise the incline on your treadmill to really get your heart pumping to a healthy level.

If You Sweat, You’re Out Of Shape

Surprisingly enough, the more fit you are, the more quickly your body will begin to sweat. After all, sweat is a bodily function that is designed to keep us cool. A fit person will have a body that’s better equipped to take care of themselves.

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