A Stress Free Holiday Meal


Are you nervous about preparing your first holiday meal? Have you done it before but want to add some things to your normal holiday routine? Read below to find tips that will help you pull off a fun and successful dinner party without the unnecessary stresses.

1. Prepare as much as possible ahead of time.

Preparing as much of your holiday meal as possible ahead of time can help you relax when it’s finally time to dig in. A home cooking website called The Kitchn suggests completing all the roasting and baking at least a day before because they often taste better when these foods are re-heated later. Even the small things like gravy and cranberry sauce can stay fresh for a day or more before the big meal. Preparing these foods ahead of time will allow you to enjoy your guests, rather than limit you to the kitchen.

2. Know your limits and ask for help.

If you know that taking on an entire meal by yourself could be impossible, then ask for help. Lizzie Post, an etiquette expert, says that each member of her family brings something to the table. In the end, all her mother has to prepare is the turkey and stuffing.

3. Predict probable mishaps.

Faith Durand, executive editor of The Kitchn, suggests draping the dinner table in an easy-to-wash fabric or runner. This way you and your guests will have less to worry about when it comes to inevitable spills. Durand also recommends serving dry cider, a classic and culturally accepted drink that’s low in alcohol content and less expensive than wine. If you notice that guests are frequenting the watering hole a little too often, you can always close the bar. Consider collecting car keys as guests enter your home to avoid an awkward situation or a tragic accident later.

4. Honor your guests.

Take your guests into consideration by seating them next to people you know they get along with. Post suggests separating couples to spark conversations among all your guests. You can even consider getting rid of the kids’ table; integrating the young ones with the adults can ensure a fun and playful vibe for everyone.

5. Remember that it’s a learning experience.

Think of the Thanksgiving meal as a “homey weeknight dinner,” just a bit more extravagant, says Durand. You can think of it as a cooking lesson or as training for your future marathon of home-cooked meals. This will not be the last time you put your heart and soul into a feast for your family and friends. Learn, relax, and have fun.


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