Accommodate Your Cravings The Healthy Way

I have to admit, that I always find it a bit difficult to handle when I am inexplicably craving something with a really particular taste that is actually not all that healthy. Even though I think I have become much better at eating healthy, I notice that there are still times when I randomly start craving the sweetness of a chunky brownie, or the saltiness that a bag of potato chips can provide.

Unfortunately these are the kinds of foods that, while they may satisfy some very particular cravings, they ultimately just end up making us feel bloated, tired, and unhealthy in the hours after binging out on them. However, what if there were a way to get these cravings satisfied by substituting them with much healthier items?

This is something I have been hoping to learn about for a while now, which is why I was so excited and delighted to come across a post by Health that offers up some incredibly wonderful suggestions for swapping out unhealthy snacks with much healthier and nutritious ones. Read on to learn about how you can start getting the satisfaction you crave with the nutrition your body really needs in order to thrive.

If you are craving something sweet, start training your body to desire the natural sugars that come from fruit and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, as opposed to processed foods with sugar that is added to them. One great sweet snack that the post recommends involves broiling a fresh pear for about ten minutes before topping it with ricotta cheese and a sprinkling of cinnamon. My mouth is practically watering just thinking about it, to be honest, and it sounds so much healthier than pigging out on a bunch of cookies, doesn’t it?

As for salty or crunchy cravings, there are ways to make these snacks healthier as well. Toss out the bag of potato chips or French fries and turn to homemade pita chips that are seasoned with chili flakes or powder. In order to make this delicious snack from scratch, brush one whole grain pita with cooking spray and sprinkle a light amount of chili powder on top. Cut the pita into six triangles and place these pieces of pita on a baking sheet. Simply toast the pita slices in a toaster oven or broiler for about five minutes, making sure to turn them all over at least once during the process.  

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