All Natural Ways To Treat Eczema

I’ve been dealing with the discomfort that comes with an eczema diagnosis since I was pretty young, so I do know firsthand how much the itching and dryness can really bother a person. I’d say it truly has the ability to get under my skin, but that just might be too literal to want to bring up, in all honesty.

Since I’ve been dealing with eczema for literally most of my life, you’d think I would have figured out an effective treatment plan for myself very early on in the process, but you’d be wrong. For years and years, I just learned to do my best to ignore the itchiness. If that didn’t work, I could always apply a steroid cream to the area, or numb it with ice first if it was really, really bad. While, yes, these methods do work for the most part, those anti-itch creams can get pretty pricey over time. This isn’t to mention that some people actually have very negative reactions to cortisone or steroid creams.

If that’s the case for you, how are you possibly expected to relieve the itching and the dryness? After all, a cold compress can only do so much, and you can’t exactly carry ice around with you anywhere you go. Fortunately, after my most recent flare up of eczema, I hit the net to look for natural treatments for the rash. I came across a great article by Wellness Mama that does a great job providing tips and tricks for naturally relieving this chronic condition. Here’s what I learned.

Interestingly enough, your diet could really impact the amount of flare ups you get. A diet that’s high in probiotics, fermented foods, and bone broth is one that’s great for people with eczema. Soybeans and yogurt will prevent then need to itch. If your eczema is severe, you may want to consider switching to a gluten free diet, according to some nutritionists and health experts.

As for natural topical remedies to use in a pinch, coconut oil is a great skin soother. You probably already know that coconut oil can be used for a bunch of different practical uses, and when it comes to relieving eczema, coconut oil is mighty helpful. Simply spread a thin layer of the stuff on whatever part of your skin is giving you trouble, and you’ll notice near instant relief from all of the itching and the pain.

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