Boost Your Child’s Immune System Naturally

With the recent news of the flu getting worse and the flu shot being ineffective, it can be hard on parents who just want to keep their children safe and healthy. While there is no secret to preventing sickness in children, one way that can help them is to boost their immune systems. A strong immune system will help prevent many sicknesses or help your child to fight an illness more efficiently and quickly. Here are some easy ways to boost your child’s immune system today.

Change up Their Diet

Diet plays a huge role with how optimally your immune system works. A diet full of processed foods and sugar will cause anyone’s immune system to act poorly. High sugar and processed foods will also increase your child’s chances of getting sick because it suppresses the immune system. However, as most parents know, it can be hard to remove these things from a child’s diet.

Try adding a healthy smoothie to their daily intake to up their fruit and greens intake. You can easily blend raw baby spinach into a smoothie without it affecting the taste. If your children are still leery of the idea of drinking a green smoothie, look for natural powdered greens that come in chocolate flavor to give your children all of the health benefits while they think they are getting a special treat.

Welcome in Fat

Many parents worry about their children eating too much fat because they do not want their children to suffer from obesity. While this is a noble thought, children will flourish on a diet of healthy fats. Adding coconut oil to smoothies, real butter to eggs and oatmeal, and chia seeds and ground flax seed to their pancakes and muffins will benefit them. Another healthy fat that is great to add to a child’s diet is cod liver oil. It might sound gross, but there are many brands that come in different flavors to mask the fish taste. Most children actually enjoy taking it.

Pump up the Good Bacteria

A poor diet, too many antibiotics, and toxins from the environment can reduce the natural probiotics within the gut. It is essential that the gut has enough probiotics for a healthy immune system and digestive system. Powdered probiotic supplements that are suitable for children can easily be mixed into drinks, yogurt, and other foods.

Keeping children healthy is essential, and one way we can help as parents is to boost their immune system naturally. Chiropractic care is another amazing and natural way to increase the immune system naturally for both children and adults. Stop by The Joint today for a wellness adjustment that is safe and gentle for the whole family.

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