Chiropractic Care Whips Necks Into Shape in Colorado Springs

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Being forced to endure whiplash can leave you with lifelong pain and discomfort, but could chiropractic care help provide relief?

A study from earlier this year looked to find the answer, as the purpose of said study was to uncover any differences found in functionality and health between patients suffering from cervical radiculopathy (CR) who were scheduled for surgery, and people suffering from chronic whiplash-associated disorders (WADs). It also contrasts the measurements of patients’ physical capabilities with those of fully-able, healthy subjects, while seeking out the most topical therapeutic solution.

The participants used to conduct this cross-sectional study involved 198 people afflicted with CR as well as 215 patients who had chronic WAD. Personal data gathered from patients was compared with existing data formerly gathered from healthy individuals. Physical values involved cervical active range of motion, as well as muscle endurance of the neck and hand-grip functionality. Self-reported measurements involved pain frequency and intensity, disability of the neck, self-efficacy, and health-based quality of life.

Study results found that patient groups showed substantially lower performance in every physical area than healthy subjects, except when it came to flexion neck muscle endurance in women. Overall, there appeared to be a trend moving toward poorer results for people in the CR group compared with those subjects in the WAD group– there were specific noticeable differences in neck active range of motion, female left-hand strength, intensity of pain, Neck Disability Index, Self-Efficacy Scale, and EuroQol 5-dimensional self-classifier.

In conclusion, patients seemed to show poorer overall functionality than healthy subjects in nearly every physical measure. There appeared to be a tendency toward poorer results for CR patients more than WAD patients. The therapy of choice for subjects with both conditions is consistently found to be chiropractic care.

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