Chiropractic Targets Symptoms of Visual Impairment in Colorado Springs

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I’ll be honest: the first time I heard about chiropractic care, I wasn’t too thrilled about its claims to greatness. I mean, how could I trust that such simple, ergonomic adjustments could really provide relief? My continued disbelief kept me from ever really seeing the light of chiropractic care.

But after seeing a good friend of mine’s body go from broken down, to totally functional and upbeat after undergoing chiropractic care for just a couple weeks, I finally opened my eyes to the holistic therapy approach!

But who cares about my anecdotal experiences– after all, I’m guessing many of you haven’t had similar epiphanies with chiropractic care yet to confirm or deny such evidence. But that’s okay, because totally objective research has my back: studies have repeatedly proven that chiropractic care can bring significant symptom relief to a variety of health problems. The mounting proof of chiropractic care’s true (beneficial) colors has led to even the most cynical of medical experts having to tip their cap to the holistic practice.

But seeing the light of chiropractic could be more literal than you realize: a patient suffering from spinal abnormalities that led to subliminal visual field loss sought chiropractic care for relief, and here’s his story:

Chiropractic Intervention

A 22-yr-old man had significant pain in his neck. In order to “define a guideline for a proposed investigation into visual field changes” using chiropractic spinal adjustments, his field of vision was evaluated both before and after a spinal adjustment.

While admittedly not problematic, his eyesight at baseline certainly wasn’t classified as 20/20 or even very good; following the procedure, though, the man showed significant improvement in both his eyes’ visual sensitivity.

Chiropractic Conclusion

It was deemed reasonable to assume that chiropractic care in the form of spinal manipulation could be of substantial value to the relief of deteriorating eyesight and loss of vision.

Knowing this, pay it forward to anyone you know who might be suffering from visual deterioration or injury-related blindness– and let them know that it’s time to give chiropractic care the chance it deserves! After all, chiropractic care may just bring big benefits no matter where you might be, as The Joint …the chiropractic place is sitting right here in Colorado Springs. The Joint’s convenient location makes it easy for anyone to stop by whenever they’re ready to experience the symptom relief that chiropractic care could bring!


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