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Chiropractic care’s plethora of health benefits probably extend beyond what you may think, as substantial evidence shows the alternative therapy having potential to relieve symptoms of asthma, diabetes, and even epilepsy.

A recent survey investigation looked to evaluate the life circumstances of 115 different families with children between the ages of zero to seven years who were afflicted with asthma, diabetes, and epilepsy. Also, 317 families consisting of healthy children matched for sex and age were also examined. A sizable 89.8 percent of the families with sick kids, as well as 86.4 percent of the families with healthy kids, responded. The mean percentage of replies was 87.2. The rate of change of doctor was pretty close in both the case and the control group. With families who had sick children, there was a lack of association seen between doctor changes and the quality of satisfaction with clinical treatment.

In all, one third of the sick child subjects were administered alternative treatment. While most patients’ guardians consulted chiropractors, a whopping 73 percent of them reported that the treatment had benefited their child. Among guardians of asthmatic children who had been administered chiropractic treatment, 92 of them considered it beneficial. Furthermore, alternative treatment was seen more often among children from higher social classes. Also, a propensity was seen towards less contentment with traditional clinical treatment, information, and overall guidance regarding the disease among people who sought out alternative treatment. The changes weren’t statistically relevant on some levels, though, perhaps due to the limited amount of study participants used.

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Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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