Easy & Quick Health Habits That You Should Start Now

If you have ever placed a focus on taking better care of your overall health and wellness, you may have already realized, much to your relief, that it really is the many small lifestyle changes and new habits you pick up that are really responsible for positive change to your health over time, as opposed to making a few big, drastic changes in your life. After all, there are many harmful habits that many of us have often unknowingly picked up that tend to cause more damage to our health than we may have initially thought.

On the other hand, there are plenty of everyday habits that doctors, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals highly recommend that their patients pick up as soon as possible for optimal health and wellness throughout the body. I recently came across a very interesting and helpful blog post by The Chalkboard Magazine that offered up some great advice and tips on some very simple habits that can be slowly integrated into your daily routine for better health. Here is what I learned from the blog post.

Since there are specific habits that you can start up at specific times during the day, let’s start with some helpful morning habits. You may be surprised to learn this, but that snooze button is not doing you any favors. Each time you press the snooze button, your body attempts a new sleep cycle, only to be interrupted by the next alarm. Work on waking up after the first alarm to reduce grogginess. You should also start up a routine of leaving a glass of lemon water on your nightstand or in your fridge to be consumed first thing upon waking up. Lemon water will improve digestion and bring a natural energy boost to your morning without caffeine. 

Moving throughout the day, try dry brushing your skin at least once a week, especially if you live in a really dry climate. Use a skin brush or a dry towel and apply circular motions over your skin in order to exfoliate the skin and improve blood flow to the heart.

Do your best to get plenty of movement throughout the day. Ideally, you can make time to go to a gym or jog every day, but at the very least, a daily fifteen-minute walk is enough to boost your energy, improve your sleep patterns, encourage creativity, and increase the amount of serotonin and endorphins in your brain. 

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