Eight Foods for Healthy Bones


Ever wondered what foods, besides milk, are calcium-rich and great for your bones? The following foods are full of calcium, vitamin D, and are great for strengthening bones as well as fighting off osteoporosis. 


Most yogurts are fortified with vitamin D and can be a creamy way to get your daily dose of calcium. Greek yogurts have a lot of great protein, yet tend to contain less calcium and very little vitamin D.


Luckily, you don’t have to scarf down a pound of cheese to reap its calcium benefits. Just 1.5 ounces of cheddar cheese contains 30 percent of your calcium daily value. Lots of cheeses also contain vitamin D, but not enough to count for much of your daily needs.


Sardines are tiny but contain a surprising amount of vitamin D and calcium. They have a salty and savory taste and go well in pasta dishes and salads.


A 3-ounce piece of sockeye salmon contains over 100 percent of your recommended vitamin D daily intake. So eat your heart out with your strong bones mind. Salmon also has tons of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids; you simply can’t go wrong with this one.


If dairy products aren’t your thing, spinach is a great alternative to get calcium. One cup of cooked spinach has almost 25 percent of your daily calcium, fiber, iron, and vitamin A.


Tuna is another fatty fish that is a great source of vitamin D, containing just about 39 percent of your daily dose in three ounces. Tuna salad and tuna sandwiches are delicious dishes to try.

Collard Greens

One cup of cooked collards contains just over 25 percent of your daily calcium, plus you can use them to fortify your favorite foods.

Orange Juice

A glass of freshly squeezed OJ is often fortified to contain calcium and vitamin D. Although oranges do not have these vitamins, most store-bought juices will. Some studies have shown that the ascorbic acid in OJ may help with calcium absorption.


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