Express Your Feelings: It’s Better for Your Health

We all know those people who can easily express themselves, or perhaps, they express their feelings too easily. These people have no trouble standing up for themselves when they are wronged against or when they want their opinion to be known. Many of us are the exact opposite of this type of person, however, and would rather bite our tongues than express our feelings.

While it is very wise to hold back our feelings or words in some cases, there are also many cases that we should gently express our anger. The reason is because suppressing anger or our negative feelings has negative effects on many areas of our life, including our physical and mental health. Here’s how expressing yourself more can benefit your overall health.

You Prevent Future Stress

One study found that those who suppressed their feelings had lower blood pressure during a test, but they were then affected later on. The next time those people were confronted with a stressor and tried to stay level-headed, they were met with a huge blood pressure spike.

You Will Be Less Aggressive

Figuring out a healthy way to vent can prevent you from becoming too aggressive unexpectedly. Many people will become too emotional or aggressive after having too much to drink, especially if they have built up frustration or tension.

You Will Be Able to Handle Pain Better

Think that powering through a hurtful situation makes you stronger? Think again. The fact is that acknowledging and expressing your hurt can actually increase your pain intolerance. So whether you have been hurt physically or emotionally, acknowledge the pain and express it gentle instead of holding it in. Another good fact to remember is that holding in anger can also cause headaches.

You Will Live Longer

While there is no guarantee of how long you will live, one study found that individuals who suppress their emotions were at a slightly higher risk of an earlier death, especially from cancer. The study then went on to say that this could be due to the fact that many people who suppress their feelings will turn to negative outlets, such as alcohol and drugs.

The lesson to take away is that it is better to express yourself gently than to hold on to negative thoughts and feelings. Having healthy outlets for anger and frustration, such as through journaling or exercise, is also a wonderful way to keep your wellness.

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