Got What? The Newest Milk Alternative Is Surprising

Doesn’t it seem like the newest and trendiest superfoods are getting weirder and weirder with each passing year? Quinoa and acai berries, despite having hard to pronounce names, made a pretty smooth transition from superfood to everyday pantry staple within a few years of their introduction into American diets. However, I think it’s safe to say foods such as blood pudding and baobab (yes, that’s a real food) are not exactly being welcomed with open arms into kitchens and restaurants everywhere. One particular aspect of trendy foods involves substitutions.

Substitutions can be great for people with allergies to foods such as dairy products, which is why almond, rice, and soy milks have gained lasting popularity in grocery stores across the nation. Some people are starting to grow tired of these milk alternatives, though, while others are beginning to question how healthy or ethical these products really are. Just in time to combat these concerns is a new milk alternative which is still a bit underground, but will no doubt be popping up all over the social media pages of health nuts everywhere — banana milk.

Let’s Talk About Banana Milk

You know bananas, and you know milk. They don’t sound like they could mesh together entirely well, yet that hasn’t been stopping people from trying it out anyway. When you start thinking about the pros of banana milk, it makes sense why more and more people are beginning to gain an interest in it. Banana milk can be a great alternative for people who are not only allergic to dairy, but to nuts or soy products as well.

Breaking down the nutritional content of banana milk also helps prove its case. Unlike almond milk, banana milk isn’t stripped of much of its nutrients, so it’s still providing you with plenty of potassium, fiber, pectin, and B vitamins. Almond milk, in comparison, hardly provides a person with the protein and healthy fats whole almonds can bring to the table. Adding to the benefits of banana milk is its cost efficiency, as well as it’s eco-friendly production. Bananas are cheap to make and buy, and are relatively sustainable crops.

Furthermore, it’s much easier to make your own glass of banana milk at home than it would be to try and make almond or rice milk from scratch. If you’ve tried, you know what I mean. The simplest way you can make banana milk is by combining 1 frozen banana, 1 cup of water, and a pinch of cinnamon into a blender. 

You might just go ape over it.


Banana (var. ‘Santa Catarina’): Crown rot by Scot Nelson is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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