Grumpy Ears Listen To Chiropractic Care in Colorado Springs

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When it comes to a child’s health, there’s no one that wants it to be top-notch more than the mother. 

So was it the right move for one mother to employ chiropractic care for her child’s recurring ear troubles?

A case study tracked the progress of a nine-month-old boy who had an admittedly-brief history of persistent ear infections. He was relieved with chiropractic care, as his progress was tracked in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health.

The leading author admits that otitis media, the scientific name for ear infections, is an extremely common reason for young children to see their physicians. In fact, roughly 10 percent of babies will have acute otitis media by the time they’re three months old– and once they reach three years, 50 percent of children have endured at least three instances of otitis media.

During this study, the boy was brought to a chiropractor for potential care following an evaluation. The boy had been experiencing ear infections that were so bad he might have tubes put in his ears. The boy was afflicted with continued episodes of ear infections (about once every three weeks) and took antibiotics consistently.

The chiropractic analysis also found muscle tightness in the child’s neck. Scans further showed neck structure irregularity; it was concluded that the boy had many subluxations present. The incidences of pressure on the boy’s spinal nerves led to those nerves malfunctioning and interfering with signals moving across those nerves, ultimately causing variations in function throughout his body.

Specific chiropractic adjustments were employed in relation to the child’s vertebral subluxations. The study found that by just the second week of care, the child’s mother indicated that the child had started yanking at his right ear and couldn’t sleep well. Following examination, both of his ears were cleared out– all he had was normal amounts of wax sans fluid. By just the third week of chiropractic intervention, the boy stopped tugging his ears and appeared to be feeling– and sleeping– better! As one of the main senses, hearing is oftentimes crucial to the development of a child; the gift of normal hearing and improved social interactions was one that the family was grateful for. 

A re-evaluation was conducted during the fifth week of care and documented the boy showing no signs of ear infections. In fact, his mother even reported that his naps were longer than they’d been, and he was experiencing superior sleep quality. Following just seven weeks, the boy went to his Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor, who verified that his ears were fully healthy and the idea of tubes were a thing of the past. This serves as evidential for chiropractic care’s merit when it comes to relieving symptoms of otitis media in the infant population.

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