How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy When Wearing Contacts

I’ve been wearing contacts since I was about twelve years old, so I definitely like to think of myself as an old hat or even a pro when it comes to managing contact lenses and wearing them correctly. Since I am one of those people who has truly terrible natural vision, and literally needs contacts or glasses just to put one foot in front of the other without running into anything, I of course take my contact lenses very seriously.

Even though I have now spent most of my life putting them in every morning and taking them out every night, I still occasionally learn about new ways to keep my eyes healthy or to keep my contacts working to the best of their ability. Most recently, I came across an article by Eye Health Web that discusses some of the most common mistakes that people who wear contact lenses sometimes make. As I read through the article, I was surprised to realize that I had been making some of those very mistakes in my own daily routines, even though I had always prided myself so strongly on my seemingly vast knowledge on how to properly wear and use contact lenses. I’m happy to share what I learned with you, since these are the kinds of mistakes that really should be avoided if you want to keep your eyes as well as your contact lenses happy and healthy, and functioning to the best of their ability.

Whether you wear daily contact lenses, as I do, or the kind that can last for up to two weeks before being replaced, there are certain steps you should be taking to ensure that the lenses are being cleaned and stored properly. Daily contact lenses should always be removed and tossed out after twelve or so hours of use; they should not ever be used again, even if you clean them.

If you have the long lasting lenses, be sure to devote the proper amount of time to thoroughly cleaning off you lenses as soon as you take them out at night and right before you put them in the next morning. You’ll also want to be sure to keep your contact lenses protected while they are being used on your eyes. Wearing sunglasses is just as important for contact lens wearers as for people who don’t wear them. It is a common misconception that contact lenses cover and protect the eye from sun damage, but it’s important to remember that this isn’t true. 

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