Introverts: Tips to Help You Thrive at Work

From one introvert to another, believe me when I tell you I can empathize with the very real struggle of getting through a busy workday filled with all kinds of stimuli, from meetings to phone calls to deadlines due sooner than you can snap your fingers. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert at heart, even though at times it may seem like the world just isn’t a good fit for our needs. Being an introvert, you may feel like your desires for calming down your environment may be petty or unnecessary, but the truth is you should absolutely take steps to improve your office environment for better mental health. Too much stress and stimuli at the workplace can overwhelm you to a point where it may begin to negatively impact your health. Fortunately, even the shyest of introverts can learn to navigate the sometimes stressful waters of a hectic office life.

Try To Control What You Can

Natural sunlight can be a great relief to those of us who have trouble sitting in a stifled office building all day. See if you can open up the blinds, or even open up the windows, in your office. This will obviously be easier to do if you have your own office space, but you may be pleasantly surprised to find that other people may be on board with this idea as well. 

It may also help to place calming items on your desk. Zen gardens or small fountains can bring about a sense of peacefulness and mindfulness in a sometimes zany work environment. 

Tailor Your Lunch Break To Your Needs 

If you look forward to your lunch break every day as an opportunity for you to rest, relax, and recharge, don’t be afraid to take advantage of this time for that sort of reason. Go outside and find a quiet area for you to gather your thoughts and nourish your body. However, if you’re worried about coming across as standoffish or rude, you may want to consider offering to pick up some coffee for your coworkers. This way, you won’t worry about being too isolated from your peers, yet you’ll still get the time to walk to and from the coffee shop on your own, and if there’s one phrase we introverts love, it’s definitely “on your own.” 

Girl in window by John Christian Fjellestad is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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