Shift Your Metabolism Into High Gear With These Health Foods


So many people will look to shed some unwanted pounds and maintain weight loss at some point throughout this year, but in order to do so in the proper manner, it’s important to try to focus on having a consistent and efficient workout routine, as well as consuming foods that fill you up, and keep you feeling full for a substantial amount of time.

Adding foods that are loaded with rich protein, vital nutrients and minerals, as well as a good array of the necessary vitamins needed to keep you fit and healthy, can help you along the way when aiming to lose weight and keep it off. Try these tasty foods the next time you’re feeling hungry, and they’ll fill you up and get your metabolism functioning at supersonic speeds.

Lean Protein

Meats like beef, chicken, turkey and pork force the body to use a little extra energy to fully complete the digestion process. The foods give you a fat- and calorie-burning boost, and several studies show that those consistently consuming lean protein burn twice as many calories as those who don’t, not to mention that, lean protein is the best thing to help keep muscle tissue intact and healthy.

Fatty Fish

Salmon, tuna and mackerel are just a few of the best types of fatty fish that help the metabolism to stay pumping. With omega-3’s and healthy fatty acids, these types of fish help with healthy weight loss and increase the amount of fat burning enzymes within the body which are directly linked to the metabolism and how fast it runs.

Hot Peppers

If you like spicy foods, then you may want to up the rate at which you’re eating them, as spicy peppers like jalapenos and habaneros are known to contain heat-producing compounds such as capsaicin, which is responsible for raising the heart rate and in turn the metabolism rate as well.


That’s right, this tasty low calorie, non-fat snack can actually contribute to your metabolism being on the go at all times, because the body needs to break down the enzymes it delivers, it means that the metabolism never gets a rest when this is in the system.


Among the best of all the many varieties of nuts, the pistachio has more nuts per one-ounce serving compared. Pistachios force you to slow down whilst eating, so the metabolism gets a nice steady influx and is never stopped completely. With fiber and protein, they are the perfect snack to fill you up in a healthy way.


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