Simple Ways To Keep Your Mental Health Strong

We all know how important it is to make sure that we are taking care of our bodies and our physical health, so we take the necessary steps to do so, such as exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet that is nutritious and healthy. However, many of us fail to take our mental health into consideration whenever we choose to assess our overall health. That is a real shame, because our mental health and well being is definitely more important and significant than many of us may even realize.

In fact, scientific studies have successfully shown that the mind is so powerful that it can actually influence the state of the physical body, for better or for worse. You will want to spend just as much time taking care of your mental health as you do for your physical health and wellness. I recently came across an article post by Live Science that provides some very helpful tips and suggestions on how to go about doing this, and I am glad to share the great advice I learned from the article here with you now. 

Even if it seems pretty harmless, being a perfectionist can actually cause more harm to your mental health and well being than you may have previously realized. This is because ideas and attitudes of perfectionism tend to cause us to beat ourselves up that much more whenever we inevitably fail at some point in our lives trying to reach such lofty and aspirational goals. Besides, all the pressure that perfectionists put on themselves only creates more stress and anxiety. Instead of aiming for perfection, focus on a few small tasks every day. 

It is pretty easy to pass an entire day away indoors, considering how much we can do to entertain ourselves inside the house thanks to electronic devices and other technological advancements. Unfortunately, this is not very beneficial to our mental wellness; in fact, spending too much time indoors is actually very detrimental to the health of the mind. Do your best to get outside of the house at least once every day; ideally, you should be taking daily walks in the sun in order to enjoy benefits such as reduced stress, happier mood, and even better sleep at night. 

Finally, it is best to limit your use of social media. Facebook depression is a very real phenomenon which occurs when we compare ourselves to everyone else’s seemingly perfect lives. Spend more time living your own life rather than comparing your life to others, and your mental wellness will flourish.

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