Six Tips to Sleeping Better During Your Pregnancy

a picture of a pregnant woman laying on a benchAs exciting as pregnancy can be, it can also be quite annoying. While your body works to make a precious little life, things like weight gain, swollen feet, and loss of sleep make pregnancy unpleasant. Lack of sleep will only make things worse. When you are sleep deprived and pregnant, you are more susceptible to eating unhealthy, feeling emotional and overwhelmed, and not having enough energy to do your every day tasks. These five tips will help you fall in love with your pillow again!

  • It is hard to sleep when your growing stomach is in the way! Prevent this from happening with the help of a body pillow. There are several specially designed body pillows just for pregnancy. However, if you do not want to spare $50-100 for such a pillow, a regular body pillow will work. Position the body pillow between your legs, so that your hip is raised and your baby belly can fall gently and more comfortably to the side.
  • Another cause of sleeplessness during pregnancy is heartburn. Therefore, it is important to treat heartburn before it makes you an insomniac. Over the counter medications can work, but always check with your doctor first. Avoid eating spicy food, caffeine, fattening dairy products, and tomato sauce based foods. All these types of foods can cause indigestion. Also, avoid tight fitting clothing and try lying on your left side when falling asleep.
  • Exercise throughout your pregnancy is also important, especially if you want to fall asleep faster and sleep better. Try adding a 30-minute walk into your morning routine. Any exercise can be beneficial; just avoid exercising too close to your bedtime.
  • Create a nighttime routine that is sure to make you yawn. This means, an hour before your bedtime, you should shut off your computer and television. The computer and television screens are too stimulating and can cause sleeplessness. Listen to peaceful music instead. Also, sipping on warm tea, such as mint or chamomile will also help induce sleep. A warm bath or shower is another good idea to try.
  • Another sleep woe of pregnant ladies is that they are tired and ready to fall asleep, but their little one has decided it is time to start kicking. Try sleeping on your left side to see if this decreases your baby’s movements. Also, avoid caffeine in the late afternoon and at night. You may be able to quite your little one by talking to them, playing calming music for them, or by massaging your stomach with lotion.
  • Finally, pain is another major reason for lack of sleep in pregnancy. As the baby grows, it adds extra weight and pressure on your hips and sciatic nerve. This can result in throbbing back pain and hip pain. To ease your pain, try doing several stretches throughout the day. Also, avoid sitting or standing too long. A chiropractor is also a great resource for natural pain management. A chiropractor can safely align your spine and hips to alleviate the pain and help support the growth of your little one.

Now that you are pregnant, it is very essential that you get the sleep you need. Once your little guy or girl comes into the world, sleep is even harder to come by. If the tips above do not help you sleep soundly at night, try consulting a doctor for help.

Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Jack Marion

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