Surprisingly, These Daily Habits Can Improve Your Health

We all have our little habits that help us get through the day, and many of these habits are done without a second thought as to whether they provide any sort of noticeable benefit to our health or not. However, there are certain things many of us do every day that may actually be providing a great boost to our mental and physical health without even realizing it. I learned about this in a fascinating article in Reader’s Digest that lists some of the most common daily habits we all perform and how they can actually be beneficial to our overall health. Here is what I learned about the connection seemingly simple activities such as singing and laughing can have on a person’s health. 

The Voice

If you love to sing (regardless of whether you’re the next Whitney Houston or not), you may just be reaping the benefits of having a stronger immune system as well. People who sing in groups on a regular basis (think carolers or choir members) are often found to have higher levels of the antibodies known as secretory immunoglobulin, which fights off colds and infections throughout the year. It certainly doesn’t hurt that singing also tends to improve a person’s mood and release stress while also strengthening social ties to fellow singers, who are helpful in keeping up a strong immune system. 

The Best Medicine

If you have one or two friends who are absolutely hysterical, consider yourself lucky, because the simple act of laughing on a regular basis has been shown to actually increase a person’s tolerance to physical and even emotional pain. This is because the act of laughing triggers the body to release endorphins, which are chemicals that provide a natural mood boost in the brain. Endorphins are also released during exercise, which is one reason why exercise is so good for you. As with the previous point, laughing with a group of people tends to have greater benefits than laughing alone. 

Another interesting habit that serves to relax many of us can also work to restore your mental clarity and energy as well. Studies have shown that people who watch reruns of their favorite television shows allows the mind to relax without having to work to figure out what will happen next. 


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