Wanna Be A Hard Worker? Go On Vacation!


Are you one of the millions of Americans choosing not to take a vacation from work, at least not any time soon?

Whatever your excuse as to why, experts hope to make their claims about why you need to take one. That’s because there are plenty of already-published reasons that taking a vacation helps boost your well-being and overall health; not to mention, the loads of evidence showing that taking that much-deserved– and much-needed– vacation could make you more productive at work.

Even beyond that, submerging yourself in new cultures and experiences will provide you with a whole new set of ideas that you can carry back with you to work. Simply consider your vacation to be the easiest, most care-free way to get work done– after all, a recent study found in the US National Library of Medicine realized that multicultural experiences aid in internal creativity production, helping us to elicit novel ideas. But study researchers weren’t talking about just working abroad– their research placed a premium on the experience only producing a mass amount of creativity within an individual “when the situation doesn’t call for firm answers or existential concerns.”

OK, but what if taking time off might mean not getting paid for the time you’re gone? If that’s your fear, listen up: many companies are now paying their employees to be away from the office, while still more employers are taking away restrictions regarding how much vacation time employees can take. According to The Wall Street Journal, an advertising firm on the East Coast called FullContact started tempting its employee base with a $7,500 incentive each year to provide funding for a work-free vacation. What’s more– there’s not even a limit on how long each vacation can be. Even HubSpot, a similar marketing software company also situated on the East Coast, ordered a surprising two-week paid vacation minimum for all employees within the company!

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