Why FDA’s Decision Means Massive Farmland Losses And Dangerous Diets


With loads of pesticides and toxic weedkillers currently flooding our farms, the United States Department of Agriculture’s recent move to increase them is nothing short of shocking.

On Wednesday, the Center for Food Safety said it would pursue all available legal choices to stop commercializing these now-approved GMOs. “2,4-D resistant crops”– the kind the USDA is now further approving– “pose a monumental threat to our nation’s agricultural, environmental and human health,” started Andrew Kimbrell, executive director for Center for Food Safety. With the USDA’s move, he says, millions of additional pounds of toxic herbicides will be dumped onto our crops, which would be a horrific end result, he continued.

While some experts from leading GMO companies swear this will help solve the current “superweed epidemic” sweeping crops across the nation, research published in the journal Bioscience thinks it will only set off even more herbicide-resistant weeds. “We need a new direction for our agricultural system, not increased reliance on chemicals,” Kimbrell agreed.

Even the USDA’s analysis found that approving 2,4-D-resistant corn and soybeans could lead to a shocking two- to seven- times rise in agricultural use of 2,4-D by the year 2020. Even now, 2,4-D drift is liable for more crop injury cases than any other known herbicide– it can deform and oftentimes even kill healthy produce.

Chemical Crops

The leading weedkiller Roundup and its active ingredient glyphosate have been found in connection with:

• human embryonic cell death

• numerous kinds of cancers, including breast

• infertility

• hormone dysfunction

• birth defects

• irritation and infections of the respiratory system, eyes, and skin

• random farm animal abortions.

2,4-D and other similar herbicides have been associated with:

• Parkinson’s disease

• cancers of the immune system

• reproductive issues

It seems necessary, now more than ever, to stay informed about the kinds of things that we are putting on our plates, and then into our bodies. Also, considering fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and GMOs are not permitted in organic agriculture, go organic when you can. 

Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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