Why You Should Cut Back On Sugar And Salt (And How To Do It Effectively)

Regardless of your current eating habits, it is hard to ignore by now the very clear message that the Western diet is not exactly known to be the healthiest and most nutritious dietary plan out there. This is mainly because of the high amounts of sugar and salt that are present in, and many times even added to, much of the food and the food products that are sold to us on a regular daily basis.

Scientific study after scientific study has shown us that societies and areas of the world that consume diets that are high in sugar and salt, almost always tend to also experience higher chances of developing dangerous health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even Alzheimer’s and dementia. The proof makes it very clear that we should all take the steps that are necessary to clean up our dietary plans for better overall health and wellness, both physically as well as mentally.

I know that I am always seeking out advice on how to make better choices when it comes to my dietary plan and my meals, which is why I tend to read up on the subject quite often. That is how I came across an article post by Help Guide that deals with this very topic, and I would be glad to share what I learned with you here right now.

I think that one of the most important things to remember about sugar and salt in our food products is that they are substances that are primarily used in order to improve the flavor. However, if food naturally tastes good, it does not need to rely on sugar and salt in order to be appealing to us. What’s more is that food that is nutritious and healthy does indeed taste good, and satisfies our hunger cravings to the point where we simply don’t need to worry about adding unnatural flavor. After all, too much sugar in the diet can actually decrease cognitive functions in the brain, and can interrupt with the body’s metabolic rate and cause weight gain and, if taken in excess, diabetes. Too much salt, on the other hand, often causes high blood pressure, which is the starting point for many issues related to heart health. 

Wean yourself off of processed, packaged, and frozen foods in order to begin the process of cutting back on sugar and salt. Cut out soda from your diet, and use natural herbs and spices such as pepper and garlic to season your meals. 

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