Why Your Belly Holds The Funny Truth To Better Heart Health

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When it comes to your belly, could letting out a laugh bring benefits to the organ just above it?

According to Dr. Miller, author of Heal Your Heart, giving out a great big belly laugh can bring monumental benefits to your heart, including improved cardiovascular function and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

As someone who loves to laugh, I can attest firsthand to the many benefits it continually brings to my life. Most of the benefits I knowingly experience are “feel-good” benefits, like being in a happier mood, having a more positive outlook on life, or feeling less-stressed about a situation– but even “feeling good” can translate to being healthier! Not to mention, laughing a lot gets you the reputation of being fun and friendly. When you laugh, you’re far more approachable than if you sit around a desk, scowling at your monitor all day. Laughing and helping others do the same is the perfect way to bridge any awkward situation. As it turns out, this fun activity actually has physical benefits for your body as well. 

In his book, Dr. Miller further explains how laughter can impact your heart health from a neurological perspective. Miller says that endorphins, “the inner lining of blood vessels (called endothelium) and a wondrous neurochemical called nitric oxide” are all responsible for that extra burst of happiness. To elaborate just what these chemicals do, Dr. Miller lays it out for us: a “deep-belly laughter” releases a wave of endorphins, which trigger opiate receptors within your endothelium to produce the chemical nitric oxide– which ultimately produces loads of heart-healthy benefits.

Such benefits include blood vessel dilation, improved blood flow, lower vascular inflammation, reduced platelet aggregation, and fewer blood clots and risk for plaque on your artery walls, among others.

With so many heart-healthy truths behind laughter’s great benefits, it’s time you put down your frown and let out a big guffaw for laughter’s sake! After all, it just takes a couple minutes to check out a funny Youtube video or look at a goofy cartoon— even if it’s while you’re on your lunch break, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the day to turn that frown upside down and let out a great big laugh!

As someone who finds myself laughing at things that no one else finds even remotely funny, it’s not hard for me to find a laughter-causing moment during my day. The people I work with might as well be casting for “The Office 2,” as we all have our own unique characters that somehow mesh perfectly with one another– even when the interaction seems so imperfect!

So start taking action in your bland day to accomplish something that’s bigger, better– and funnier!

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