Women Get Period Upgrade With Green Product

Ladies, look out for that time of the month– periods are never any fun.

But could the worst part of your period be the very thing used to help manage it? Little did you know, your tampon is keeping you down during your periods… period! That’s because this pesticide-stuffed chunk of cotton also comes teeming with chlorine and weird scents that ultimately seek to enter these toxins into your body.

Although it is an odd feeling to have to cut the connections that keep us so attached to tampons, that’s what menstrual cups aim to do by providing an innovative new way to make your period more passable.

It’s true, and with green tampon substitutes such as these, tampons could become a thing of the past! 


While many of you might think that a menstrual cup is too hard to use, as is the case with most tampons, the more you become familiar with them, the easier they get to use.

And for all first-timers, don’t let the unfamiliarity keep you from giving it a shot. This might just end up being a better option for you and the environment. Maybe start out in the privacy of your own home, so you can feel good knowing that you can run away and hide from the embarrassment of trying something new if need be. 

Making this alternation is good for your health, bank account, and the environment, and you’ll almost instantly come across the many benefits of using this product by your first period with it. You’ll never need to think about having an entire box of tampons with you when you head away from home for the weekend, or worry that you had your tampon in for too long. You won’t have to worry about leaks once you learn to put the menstrual cup in properly, either. All in all, all your woman worries fall by the wayside with menstrual cups!

Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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