Unhealthy Habits You May Not Know You Have

 Everyone has habits that they perform on a daily basis, some are good and some are bad. The fact is, we all struggle with daily unhealthy habits in some form or another. However, many of us also struggle with habits that we do not realize that we are performing– some common unconscious habits are actually harmful to overall health. To get better insight into some of these common habits that many people are unaware of that are damaging their health, check it out below:



Zoning Out

There are many things in our daily lives that can catch us off guard. In essence, to stay safe on any given day, we have to be alert, aware, and have our heads on a swivel. Losing sight of the things in your surroundings can happen at the drop of a hat, but doing so in the wrong setting can be potentially dangerous for you and those around you. Losing yourself in that television show or thinking about something so intensely that you forget where you are can mean that you also lose sight of the things that could strike at any moment. Try to stay present and stay focused at all times, whenever possible.

Unconscious Eating

Eating can become comfort in times of sadness or need, but eating in times of normalcy can sometimes lead you astray. Have you ever eaten something that was so good, that you said to yourself, “just one more”, and before you knew it the delicious thing you’d been eating was all gone? This is a prime example of unconscious eating, and it typically happens with food that’s sugary, sweet, and down right unhealthy. Be conscious and mindful of what you eat, and don’t let this bad habit get the better of you.

Happy Hour

Having a drink with friends isn’t bad, in fact it’s encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle. But when one drink turns into multiple drinks, it can have negative effects on your health. The average margarita has roughly 400 calories in it, so drinking more than just one or two can increase sugar levels and contribute to a bigger waistline.

Staring at Screens

Whether it’s a computer, laptop, tablet or television, staring off into space as our eyes are fixed on a screen seems to be becoming more and more normal. Unfortunately, this becoming normal is a terrible sign for things to come if it continues. Not only are you detracted and preoccupied while you stare away at something, but your potential for accidents increases as you become more and more unaware of your surroundings.

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