Yoga For Children in Colorado Springs

Adults find a number of avenues and outlets to consume their free time. One of the biggest past times for many in adulthood is that of yoga. This is true for more women than men, and it’s really beginning to show, as many women are taking yoga into pregnancy and beyond. Thought of as a past time for adults only, yoga is now becoming prevalent amongst the much much younger generation, and the reasons for it and the result because of it are making healthier, smart children.


Mothers (as well as some fathers) are now taking their tiny ones to yoga along with them. Bonding with your child over a mutual interest, as well as them achieving many health boosts seems to be great motivation for parents to take their children with them to a yoga class. Among these things, yoga helps children in a number of other ways too.


Unbeknownst to us, we actually master the simplest of yoga moves very early on in childhood. Downward dog, child’s pose (named so because we do this as a child of our own accord), and I seem to remember doing headstands with friend in the park as a child too. The fact of the matter is, yoga helps children of all ages to relax, to explore their bodies, and to naturally clam themselves. Yoga is a great way to get children to concentrate for long periods of time, which will work wonders for them in all aspects of their later years.

Stress Relief

Not that many children, especially those considered toddlers, have much stress, but yoga is and always will be a great ay to relieve stress for anyone, kids are no exception. The less stress a child has in their life, the more time they can dedicate to just being a child, and developing their bodies and minds.

Becoming One

Yoga helps children improve their concentration, balance and overall coordination, it even increases flexibility and allows them to know their bodies better. These attributes can help children in everything from sports to homework. Yoga promotes a healthy, active lifestyle in children too. Starting them off in yoga at a young age helps them understand about health and wellness. A big plus that yoga has mothers and fathers raving about is the improvement of gross and dine motor skills in children. The earlier they hone in on these, the better their coordination and balance will become.

Colorado Springs has an abundance of places for both parents and children to practice yoga. Here is just one place that specializes in children’s yoga and getting them healthy in both body and mind. They also have yoga classes that fall under a wide range of levels and styles. Being active and healthy both young or old in Colorado Springs has never been easier.


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